Your heart is racing, your breath is agitated. All of the sudden, your heart stops and your breath is cut off… Your body wants to, but your mind keeps screaming no!
You feel the fear, but you jump into it! An unspeakable experience.
That’s how they feel, the brave ones that come with us to enjoy a unique experience, where safety and fun mix to make a great swing jumping day.
An ideal activity for adrenaline junkies, as swing jumping is an extreme sport that needs no previous experience or training.
Descripció técnica

Swing jumping involves a pendulous jump from a bridge while secured by a rope. After securing the ropes to one side of the bridge, they are raised to the other side of the bridge, where they will be attached to your body before you jump into the void!

Materials used in this kind of jump come from climbing’s techniques:

• 2 dynamic ropes like the ones used in climbing

• 1 waist harness, 1 chest harness

• Carabiners approved for extreme sports

• Flat tapes

• Pulley

(The knots used to secure the jump are specific to climbing and canyoning techniques, being “the eight” and “the nine” the most suitable as they are the most resistant).

The activity includes:

  • A qualified professional guide(s).
  • Activity-specific individual equipment.
  • Insurance.
  • Video of the jump +5€

Transportation, food and drinks not included.

Equipment required

  • Suitable clothing


35 €/person the first jump

10 €/person second jump